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Important updates to our patients


Updated 23/07/2020

During this busy time our focus is the health and safety of our health professionals, staff and patients. Information will be updated here.

COVID-19 & Respiratory Clinic

As of the 4th of May Dubbo Medical and Allied Health Group opened up a COVID-19 & Respiratory Clinic at 183 Brisbane Street Dubbo. This clinic is for people experiencing any respiratory symptoms which includes fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms. The clinic will test and treat patients for COVID-19, influenza, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. 

General Practitioners will not see patients with respiratory symptoms at the Bultje Street or Delroy consulting rooms. 

For more information on the Respiratory Clinic and how to book please click here

Phone/Video (Telehealth) Consultations

As a temporary measure Telehealth consultations are bulk billed for patients who fit the vulnerable criteria, with Medicare. For patients without Medicare telehealth consultation are still available. There is a private payment for this and it must be paid prior to the consultation. 


For patients that need to be seen face-to-face, after having a telehealth consult the GP will arrange an appointment time for you to come into the surgery. This is to ensure that healthy patients are coming into the practice​.

In return, booking a telehealth consultation will keep patients safe at home and our waiting areas free. With this technology there is no reason for patients to neglect their general health during this time. Scripts will be sent directly to the pharmacy. 

Note: This is a temporary measure in place with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Appointment bookings and billings will return to usual once the pandemic is over.



Health & Safety - Mitigating Risk at the Practice

We are taking as many measures as possible to mitigate risk at the practice. The chairs are spaced, reception desk blocked from patient contact, most consultations are done via telehealth and we are screening all patients for symptoms of Coronavirus to keep our patients safe.


To assist in reducing the spread all magazines, newspapers, water cooler access, and brochures from the waiting rooms have been removed.

Sanitisers are available at reception and are encouraged to be used as needed. There are public toilets at all locations for hand washing.

Our reception team spray and wipe the benches, reception area and doctors door handles hourly with disinfectant. 

To reduce the amount of patients in the waiting area reception may ask you to wait in your car until the provider is ready to see you.

Pay Pass Payment

We are no longer accepting cash as a payment method. We encourage patients to tap and pay with their EFT cards when making payments at the practice. This will reduce the contact between staff and patients. 

Social Distancing 

We have introduced a few measures to assist in social distancing for staff and patients. 

  • Barricades at reception. In the event you need to discuss something private and/or confidential please phone reception. Staff will not be able to take patients into a private room for discussions of this nature. It is a request that patients respect these measures and stand behind the barricades for staff protection

  • Spaced and reduced amount of chairs in the waiting rooms. 

Patients must adhere to the 1.5 metre social distance rule. Patients will be asked to wait in their car if the waiting room is too crowded. It is encouraged for families to check in with reception then wait in the car until the appointment.

Respect our staff 

In this busy time we are experiencing a higher volume of calls. Please be patient with reception as they are doing their best. Online booking is available for phone consultations, flu vaccinations and face-to-face consults. 

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