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Date 6/05/2020

Time: 4.50PM

We have received information from NSW Health that we can not order anymore Fluad Quad (>65) flu vaccines. Patients who were on a wait list will be contacted by staff. 

Patients over the age of 65 will be offered a standard government Afluria Quad vaccine.  

For more information regarding the Influenza vaccine visit the NSW Health website




Date 21/04/2020

Time: 9.00am

We have run out of >65, private 5-64 year flu vaccinations. Please refer to the website to be up to date when we receive new stock. 



Date 14/04/2020

Time: 8.20am

Flu vaccinations have arrived, please phone reception to book an appointment. 


COVID-19 Phone Consultations

Date 18/03/2020

Time: 3.30pm 

Appointment changes and phone consultations

With the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been some changes recently in how your doctor might be able to see you.

On March 13th the Federal Government announced a funding package to enable doctors to offer phone consultations with no out of pocket cost for people in isolation or in high risk groups including any of the following:

·         Patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but are not an inpatient in hospital

·         Patients who have been required to isolate in quarantine at home as guided by the public health unit

·         Patients at least 70 years’ old

·         Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander patients at least 50 years’ old

·         Pregnant patients

·         Parents of children under 12 months of age

·         Patients being treated for any chronic health condition or who are immunocompromised

·         Patients who have recently travelled in the last 14 days, had close contact with a confirmed case, or are a health care worker.


It is a requirement that you have seen the doctor in the past 12 months.

If you do not fit into the above criteria but wish to have a phone consultation this can be available for a private fee. We require prepayment for this service.

In the event your doctor is required to be isolated themselves due to being unwell then you will be offered a phone consultation. In the event of this occurring this service is able to be bulk billed with no out of pocket expense for all patient’s even those who do not meet the above criteria.


Many doctors will be trying to do as many consultations on the phone as possible in order to reduce the risk to the public. In the event you do need to be seen in person or sent for tests, this can be arranged in that appointment.


If you have mild upper respiratory tract symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose you are likely to get better without prescription medication. At DMAHG we advise you stay home and use simple measures like drinking fluids, resting and paracetamol. If you are concerned and would like to see a doctor, please call first. If you fit testing criteria for COVID-19 we can advise this over the phone.

If you are feeling very sick and/or having breathing difficulties you should go to the hospital but again, we ask that you call ahead.

Keeping unwell people out of our waiting rooms and reducing the number of people in our waiting rooms overall by having phone consultations where possible will help the protect the people who really need to be there. It will also help protect our valued practice staff so we can continue to offer our patients the services they need. Please heed this advice. It is safer for you and your family, safer for your doctor and the practice staff and safer for the community as a whole.


Flu vaccines will be available towards the end of April/early May. We will provide a website update about this and advise how we will be approaching it closer to the time.

Please note, this is an ever evolving situation with the instructions from the health departments changing rapidly. Please continue to heed our advice and that of NSW Health and the Federal Government. Wash your hands, stay at home as much as possible, avoid shaking hands and kissing/hugging and hopefully this will be over soon. 


New Staff

Date 7/02/2020

Time: 8.30am

In 2020 we welcome two new receptionists Jessie and Zoe, and two new GPs Dr Johnson Tang and Dr Nahid Sinha. Their books will be open to seeing new patients. To book an appointment please phone our friendly reception staff.


New Staff

Date 12/12/2019

Time: 11.40am 

Welcome to our new nurse Bec and receptionist Karlee! Please make them feel welcome. 

New Patients

Date 21/11/2019

Time: 8.30am

Dr Mina Ayad is now taking on new patients, to book in with this doctor either book online or phone our friendly reception team.



Cancellation Policy for Psychologists Philippa Scott and Srijan Sinha

Date: 1/08/2019

Time: 12.00pm

We require more than 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a consultation with Philippa Scott and Srijan Sinha without incurring any extra fees. As 1 hour is reserved for you please be courteous in giving as much notice to reschedule so that the appointment can be offered to another needful patient on the waiting list.

If you are to cancel your appointment within the 24 hour period or you do not attend the appointment there will be a 50% of your consultation fee charged to you for Philippa Scott and $50 cancellation fee for Srijan Sinha. This includes bulk bill patients.

To cancel we would prefer you call, as the emails are not constantly monitored. Please note that while we do provide an SMS reminder service this is not to be relied upon, as you are responsible for knowing your appointment times.

Please note that we reluctantly use debt collection services for unpaid invoices.




Date: 8/07/2019

Time: 10.50am 

Our Brisbane Street Specialists have moved over to the Bultje Street Location permanently. The Brisbane Street practice is now closed until further notice.


Private Flu Vaccines

Date: 8/07/2019

Time: 10.50am 

We have ran out of private Flu Shots. We are unable to order more vaccines in. 



Date: 22/02/2019

Time: 9.40am


Temporarily our books are closed to new patients seeing a GP.



Scripts Requests

Date: 31/12/2018

Time: 12.22pm

Script requests will require an appointment. If you have seen your GP within three months and have an agreement to have the scripts done without an appointment - the fee of the script will be $20. This can be paid by EFTPOS, cash or cheque.


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